Calligraphy Programs

Calligraphy Keepsakes & Workshops

Get Your Name Written In Arabic Calligraphy

Here’s a great passive program for any cultural festival, coffee house or open mic event. Invite our artist to set-up a mini exhibit of Arabic calligraphy artwork that will engage students to experience something new.¬†For a full three hours, students stop by on their own time to get their names written in Arabic calligraphy. It’s a memorable time for students, faculty, and staff as they take home beautiful calligraphy keepsakes.

Intro to Arabic Calligraphy Workshop

Want to do a hands-on program where students learn more about the Arabic language and different styles of Arabic calligraphy? Book our workshop! Art supplies are provided for up to fifty participants. A great add-on to the Get Your Name Written in Arabic Calligraphy program.