Fauzia Lala

Double-Black Belt Martial-Artist, Self-Defense Expert

She has trained with local law enforcement police officers and coaches around the world. Fauzia has been featured in The Seattle Times, New York Weekly, Authority Magazine, and more.


Fauzia Lala is a powerhouse of strength, skill, and knowledge. As a double-black belt martial artist and self-defense expert, she has trained in 7 different martial arts for 12 years and earned first-degree black belts in two. But her expertise doesn’t stop there – Fauzia is also a certified Empowerment Breakthrough Coach, with a background as an ex-Microsoft Engineer and ex-Legal Consultant. She has certifications in psychology, emotional intelligence, Diversity & Inclusion, and other areas, and has trained with local law enforcement and coaches from around the world. Fauzia has been featured in numerous publications and has spoken at events such as TEDx, Upgrade Labs LA, and the Silicon Valley Startup Conference. She offers workshops for organizations such as Microsoft and the University of Washington, focusing on DEI trainings, leadership for professional women in STEM, personal safety and empowerment, and more. She’s currently the Executive Director of Defense Ninjas and is dedicated to empowering people to take control of their safety and self-worth.

Fauzia argues that all knowledge is power, and speaks about how her experiences have contributed to her success. Fauzia Lala is an ex-Microsoft engineer, motivational speaker and a serial entrepreneur. She has 3 startups including self-defense trainings for women. Fauzia was a finalist of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2016 and has won the Washington InnovateHer competition in 2017.

Want to change your life? Don’t make it complicated! Fauzia Lala of Defense Ninjas is back with two simple questions to get you headed towards happiness!