Freedom Dabka Group

Arab Folk Dance

Freedom Dabka Group energizes the crowd and immerses the audience into the culture like no other performance can. A minimum of six performers make their way to the stage, sharing their moves, heritage and history. This is an engaging program for any cultural festival or celebration of Arab heritage.

Dabka involves everyone in attendance – no matter how large or small a crowd and no matter how foreign the dance floor may be. Everyone is in for an amazing time!

Dabka is a rhythmic dance that is performed by a group of people who swing their legs and stomp their feet in synchronization.  Dabka is performed differently within Arabic countries and villages. There are many types of Dabkas, but the Shamilyah has always been the most well-known and performed.

Whether or not Dabka is performed amongst common people or professional groups like ourselves, it has always been the most exciting part of every wedding or event.

The Freedom Dabka Group is a professional dabka and zaffa team. Thye are a group of young talented individuals, whom enjoy performing their ancestral folklore. Freedom Dabka Group, established in 2011, has gradually gained popularity within all Arab and non-Arab communities.

Freefom Dabke performs at various campus events, cultural festivals, weddings, and special parties. Performances remain at a professional standard, offering a ton of excitement and high-energy.