Kashmir Maryam

Spoken Word Poet and Author

English-born Kashmiri author, poet, and therapist-in-training known for her work on mindfulness, spirituality, and their relevance in the modern world. She has written two books and her work focuses on personal growth, self-care, inner peace, and finding purpose and meaning through an Islamic framework.

Kashmir Maryam is an English-born Kashmiri author, poet, and therapist-in-training. She is renowned for her insights on mindfulness, spirituality, and its relevance in the modern world, as demonstrated in her books “The Muslim Woman’s Manifesto: 10 Steps to Achieving Phenomenal Success, in Both Worlds,” and “Nafsi: Jihad Upon My Self.” From her insights on self-care and inner peace to her guidance on finding purpose and meaning in life, Kashmir’s work has helped countless readers discover the transformative power of personal growth and spiritual fulfillment through an Islamic framework.

Kashmir also founded Woke Woman – a nonprofit that uplifts and empowers creative Muslim women from marginalized backgrounds through coaching and educational workshops aimed at honing the skills necessary for successful publishing. Woke Woman’s mission is to awaken Muslim women’s creative potential in a purpose-driven manner that aligns with their spirituality, while also fostering a new generation of community thought leaders.

Speaking Topics

Book Talk: The Muslim Woman’s Manifesto: 10 Steps to Achieving Phenomenal Success, in Both Worlds

Book Talk: Nafsi: Jihad Upon My Self

Poetry Performance or Emcee