Melanie Elturk

Fashion Designer, Lawyer, Entrepreneur

Leading industry expert on modest fashion as the CEO of Haute Hijab
Melanie shares her entrepreneurial journey and empowers women around the world


Melanie Elturk is an industry expert in modest fashion and is the CEO of Haute Hijab ( Melanie aims to instill self-confidence in hijab-wearing women worldwide, and in addition to her clothing and hijab line, she facilitates support for those struggling with hijab. Melanie takes time in highlighting inspiring women who contribute to their communities in significant ways. She is a regular contributor on and has been featured in the New York Times, NBC Today, USA Today and others.

Melanie chose to embrace her Muslim faith by dressing modestly, using color to express herself, mixing traditional and non-traditional looks to call her own.

Presentation Topics

Muslim Women & The Hijab

Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Leading the Modest Fashion Revolution