Saadia Mian MD

Author & Qur'an Memorization Expert

Dr. Saadia Mian is an Endocrinologist, turned author and speaker, with her latest addition to the literary world : The Crowning Venture, Inspiration from Women Who Have Memorized the Quran. She is passionate about making your journey to memorizing the Quran, one that you can savor. Not only does she offer tips and tools for the best strategies in Quran memorization, but also delivers inspirational and educational lectures on various Islamic & Quran related topics.


Dr Saadia Mian lives in Michigan where she works full-time as an endocrinologist. After completing an undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Michigan, she went to medical school at Michigan State University.

During this time she went to Syria to study Arabic, Quran and sacred knowledge. She received her Ijaza in the Hafs recitation from Shaykh Abu Hassan Al-Kurdi and Shaykh Raji Krayyim. She completed the memorization of the Quran and is currently working on obtaining an ijaza al-ghaib (ijaza in memorization). She is the member of the Founding Board of Ribata, where she teaches tajwid and established the Ribaat Quran Program

Her first book, ‘The Crowning Venture : Inspiration from Women Who Have Memorized the Quran’ has just been released. Filled with inspirational stories for your heart and memorization techniques for your mind, The Crowning Venture reminds us that memorizing the Quran is not an achievement to be conquered, it’s a journey to savor and a journey that you can make.

Inspiration from Women Who Have Memorized the Quran

Based on her book, The Crowning Venture, Hafiza Saadia Mian MD shares tips and tools on the best Quran memorization strategies and also reflects on excerpts from the book that give light to the journey into Quran memorization. This inspiring lecture helps the audience understand how the Quran was preserved, unaltered, and maintained for centuries through common dedicated Muslims who decided to undertake the Quran memorization journey.

Honoring Women in A Dishonoring World 

Dr. Saadia Mian from Michigan speaks on the topic of honoring women in today’s world. This keynote address was part of Islamic Awareness Week 2018 at the University of Maine, sponsored by the Muslim Students’ Association.

Workshop on Tajwid & Quran Memorization

Based on the Ribaat Quran Program, Hafiza Saadia Mian MD teaches one, two or three day tajweed programs that get audiences started on proper Quran pronunciation & memorization.