Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
Former NBA Player & Social Justice Advocate
Former NBA Star turned Social Justice advocate: his story is powerful and inspiring, and he has a wealth of knowledge to share on the subjects of sports, social justice and civil rights. He is the author of his biography "In The Blink of an Eye" and has a featured documentary on Showtime, "Stand"
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Melanie Elturk
CEO, Haute Hijab
Leading industry expert on modest fashion as the CEO of Haute Hijab She shares her entrepreneurial journey and empowers Muslims to live confidently
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Yasir Qadhi
Islamic Theologian & Religious Studies Professor
Why is this American Academic, Professor, Muslim Scholar, and Yale Graduate - on the ISIS Hit List?
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Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir
Basketball Player & Speaker
Bilqis is the all-time leading scorer in Massachusetts history for High School Basketball (male or female). In 2010, she became the first NCAA Division I player to play while wearing hijab. Her dream to play professionally was halted by the International Basketball Federation's rule banning the hijab. Through her efforts, the ban was overturned in May 2017. Hear her inspiring story.
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Dawud Walid
Scholar & Author
Walid has lectured at over 100 institutions of higher learning in North America, Great Britain and West Africa about Islam and social justice. He also has been interviewed and quoted in approximately 150 media outlets ranging from the New York Times, Wall St Journal, National Public Radio, CNN, BBC, FOX News and Al-Jazeera.
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Dalia Mogahed
Scholar & Researcher
Millions watched her TED Talk "What its like to be Muslim in America." Dalia has been the voice for American Muslims on major media outlets such as MSNBC, PBS, Aljazeera, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. CNN named her one of the 25 Most Influential Muslim Americans in 2018.
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Basheer Jones
Motivational Speaker & Author
Councilman Basheer Jones was elected in November 2017, becoming Cleveland's first Muslim council representative. For many years before his official role as councilman, Basheer Jones has served the nation as an activist and grassroots community leader seeking to create social change for the betterment of humanity.
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Saadia Yunus
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Saadia Yunus is a licensed marriage and family therapist, trauma specialist, EMDR clinician-in-training, relationship and personal development coach, motivational speaker, and community leader.
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Amin Aaser
Founder, Noor Kids
Amin G. Aaser is a leader in Muslim children’s education, advocacy, and development.
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Nura Maznavi
Co-Editor of Love InshAllah & Salaam Love
What is society's perception of Muslim women? Author Nura Maznavi details her everyday encounters with individuals who have stereotyped Muslim women, and tells the tale of how she has confronted the monolith and taken control of her narrative by sharing stories of something that transcends all boundaries: love.
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Amer F. Ahmed, Ed.D.
Intercultural Diversity Consultant
As an intercultural diversity consultant, college administrator, facilitator, poet and Hip Hop activist, he channels his diverse experiences into work geared towards effective change serving to create mutual benefit for all.
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Isra Chaker
Advocacy and Social Justice Trainer and Expert
Provides training in leadership, project management, advocacy, policy strategy, and information technology to communities to inspire communities to become effective leaders and advocates
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Afia N. Yunus, ESQ.
Immigration Lawyer
When Immigration and Islamophobia have taken over the mainstream, Afia educates and dispels misconceptions about the immigration process, the immigrant experience, and Muslims in America.
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Adeel Zeb
Interfaith Scholar and Muslim Chaplain
Imam Adeel Zeb is a global TEDx Speaker, interfaith advocate, and social justice scholar. He served as the first Muslim president of the National Association of College and University Chaplains (NACUC).
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Mariah Idrissi
Model and Modest Fashion Expert
Mariah Idrissi is an international Model and Public Speaker promoting Modest Fashion and Female Empowerment. Experienced in the Modelling and Fashion industry, she shares her inspirational journey with others.
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Noor Ali
Social Justice Educator
As a social justice educator, Noor facilitates conversations on social identity, group dynamics, power, privilege, oppression, intersectionality, and more
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Lena Khan
Film & TV Director and Writer
Lena Khan is a writer and director who allows her work to be an organic blend of her varied experiences, the multi-faceted elements of her identity, her witty outlook on life, and her rich emotional aptitude.
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Omar Usman
Leadership and Social Media Expert
Omar is the author of "Fiqh of Social Media" and a public speaking / leadership trainer.
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Bushra Amiwala
The Youngest Muslim Elected in the US
Bushra Amiwala is the youngest Muslim elected official in the United States. Bushra is a youth icon, and travels around the country to share her story in hopes to inspire others to take action.
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Chris Blauvelt
Founder & CEO, LaunchGood
He is the founder and CEO of LaunchGood, the world’s largest faith-inspired crowdfunding platform that has raised over $15 million across 77 countries for thousands of campaigns.
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Basma Alawee
Refugee and Immigrant Advocate and Storyteller
Basma's passion for advocacy is rooted in her own experiences as a former refugee from Iraq. Her tireless work has earned her numerous accolades and is using her own story to empower others and effect change on a national level.
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Faran Saeed
College Administrator
Faran shares his expertise as a student affairs professional focusing on Muslim college student identity development, and campus climate for Muslim students on campus
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Dr. Maha Hilal
Academic Activist, Author "Innocent Until Proven Muslim"
Dr. Maha Hilal is a researcher and writer on institutionalized Islamophobia and author of the book Innocent Until Proven Muslim: Islamophobia, the War on Terror, and the Muslim Experience Since 9/11.
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Faizan Mumtaz
Educator and Arabic Instructor
Interfaith educator and leader, and mentor for Muslim youth since the age of 13 through Young Muslims (YM) where he served various leadership positions at the local and national level
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Amany Killawi
Co-Founder, LaunchGood
Amany is a social worker turned social entrepreneur, who currently serves as the COO and co-founder of Launch Good, a global crowdfunding platform for projects, campaigns, and creative ideas.
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Hind Makki
Interfaith Educator & Founder of Side Entrance
Hind is an ISPU "Re-Imagining Muslim Spaces" Task-force Member, Co-Chair of ISNA Mosque Inclusion Committee, and the founder of Side Entrance : A Unique Documentation of Muslim Women Prayer Spaces
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Subhaan Ashrafi
Life Coach & Youtuber
Subhaan has more than 70 million views and 270,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel SubTheGamer which he launched in 2011. He talks about his entrepreneurial journey as a Muslim teenager, and how he was influenced to motivate others through his growing platform.
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Hassanah El-Yacoubi
Fashion Influencer & Professor on Islam in America
Hassanah is a PhD candidate in religious studies at UC Riverside, where she also teaches Women's Issues in Modern Muslim Thought. She is the Founder of PFH : "Perfect For Her" - a lead influencer in the Modest fashion space, and the host of the largest modest fashion convention in the U.S.
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Fauzia Lala
Double-Black Belt Martial-Artist, Self-Defense Expert
Fauzia Lala is a powerhouse of strength, skill, and knowledge. As a double-black belt martial artist and self-defense expert, she has trained in 7 different martial arts for 12 years and earned first-degree black belts in two
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Ayesha Mattu
Co-Editor of Love InshAllah & Salaam Love
"Never met a Muslim? Now you can meet 47!" Ayesha Mattu's insightful anthologies are a collection of short stories from Muslim women and men. A great common reading experience in understanding the diverse love lives of Muslims in America.
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